Premium Water Conditioning System


CONDITION EXTRA, containing real ammonium sulfate (AMS), is designed to be used in very hard water quality conditions by providing a higher level of AMS and other water conditioning agents than other products. This concentrated water conditioning system prevents calcium, magnesium and iron from inactivating glyphosate and other pesticides. The AMS portion also provides NH4 ions for enhanced uptake and droplet humectancy, meaning droplets stay liquid longer and increase efficacy.


CONDITION EXTRA chelates hard water ions before the ions bind to and inactivate glyphosate and other pesticides. Hard water ions are almost always present in water, but their level varies greatly depending on location and source. It is very important that applicators know the quality of their water so they can determine if and how much water conditioner to add.


CONDITION EXTRA is part of a water conditioner family often called “AMS substitutes” or “AMS replacements” because they can replace the use of high rates of AMS. If you have very hard water and are not using CONDITION EXTRA, you are probably wasting a lot of money by applying pesticides that are not as effective as they could be.


CONDITION EXTRA provides superior efficacy and is a great value at 2-4 qt/100 gal

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