Premium Water Conditioning System and Nonionic Surfactant Blend


CONDITION MAX chelates hard water ions such as calcium, magnesium and iron before the ions bind to and inactivate glyphosate and other pesticides. Hard water ions are almost always present in water, but their level varies greatly depending on location and source. It is very important that applicators know the quality of their water so they can determine if and how much water conditioner to add.


CONDITION MAX contains a unique nonionic surfactant (NIS) system that provides superior pesticide efficacy.


CONDITION MAX is a unique formulation that contains real ammonium sulfate (AMS), which contributes to "conditioning" the hard water ions and provides NH4 for enhanced uptake and humectancy, meaning the spray deposits stay moist and extend the time for pesticide uptake. Additionally, CONDITION MAX surfactant system does not produce as many fine droplets as most surfactants do.


CONDITION MAX also contains a blend of very effective water conditioners that are much more efficient, meaning they can replace the need for using high rates of AMS alone. Hence, CONDITION MAX can be referred to as an “AMS substitute” or “AMS replacement” product. If you are not using a water conditioner, you are probably wasting money by applying pesticides that are not as effective as they could be.




•           A full load of a unique, highly effective NIS system.

•           Real AMS, not just ammoniacal nitrogen.

•          The same concentrated chelating system that is in all CONDITION™ brand products


CONDITION MAX is highly cost effective and used at low dose rates: 2-4 qt/100 gal. It is compatible with all versions of glyphosate.


“We were getting mixed results with a liquid AMS product, and John suggested CONDITION MAX. I tried it for one season and I was happy with the results. Then once we had to borrow a farmer's truck to haul water, and because we only had CONDITION MAX in bulk, we used a competitor product in a 2 ½-gallon jug, so I got to see the speed of activity side-by-side. And the fields where we used CONDITION MAX and the competitor product were in close proximity, so that was an opportunity to see what it could do. I knew CONDITION MAX was a great product, but that comparison proved to me that its speed and consistency outperforms the competitors. I'm really happy with it.”

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