Premium Water Conditioning System With Defoamer


CONDITION chelates hard water ions such as calcium, magnesium and iron before the ions bind to and inactivate glyphosate and other pesticides. Hard water ions are almost always present in water, but their level varies greatly depending on location and source. It is very important that applicators know the quality of their water so they can determine if and how much water conditioner to add.


CONDITION is a unique formulation that contains real ammonium sulfate (AMS), which contributes to "conditioning" the hard water ions and provides NH4 for enhanced uptake and humectancy, meaning the spray deposits stay moist and extend the time for pesticide uptake. CONDITION also contains a blend of very effective water conditioners that are much more efficient, meaning they can replace the need for using high rates of AMS alone. Hence, CONDITION can be referred to as an “AMS substitute” or “AMS replacement” product. If you are not using a water conditioner, you are probably wasting money by applying pesticides that are not as effective as they could be.


CONDITION also contains a significant amount of a new silicone-based defoaming system that stays in suspension.


CONDITION allows for a foam-free spray solution with no tank residue.


CONDITION is formulated with real AMS, not just ammoniacal nitrogen salts.


CONDITION is highly cost effective and used at low dose rates: 1-2 qt/100 gal.


CONDITION is compatible with all versions of glyphosate.


 “I use CONDITION to help take the iron and other hard water ions out of the mix. Before CONDITION, I’d been using dry AMS. You’re handling heavy bags, and it takes a lot of time. Now I get the same results using a 2 1/2 gallon jug, and I don’t have large bags to drag around and store.”

Mark McClintic

Michigan Ag Commodities





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