Ammonium Sulfate, Nonionic Surfactant and
Drift Mitigation/Deposition Aid Blend


CONTROL COMBO is a blend of real ammonium sulfate (AMS), superior nonionic surfactant (NIS) system and CONTROL™ drift mitigation/deposition aid to make a multi-functional, all-in-one liquid adjuvant for use with glyphosate and other pesticides. This easy-to-use formulation provides a significant amount of AMS with a concentrated NIS and the CONTROL polymer blend that has been proven in many research and field trials.


CONTROL COMBO contains real AMS, not just ammoniacal nitrogen.


CONTROL COMBO includes a high-performance surfactant system.


CONTROL COMBO contains the CONTROL polymer blend that has been proven in many research and field trials to mitigate drift while increasing deposition.


CONTROL COMBO also provides significantly higher retention, usually twofold, of the spray solution on plant surfaces and significantly reduces evaporation, allowing more pesticide uptake from a moist spray deposit. Additionally, CONTROL COMBO surfactant system does not produce as many fine droplets as most surfactants do.


CONTROL COMBO enhances the spray solution by producing a better droplet spectrum that improves deposition, canopy penetration and retention.


CONTROL COMBO is recommended to be used at 2-4 qt/100 gal. If using with Roundup MAX® versions of Monsanto glyphosate, add 1 qt/100 gal ASSISTTM for increased efficacy and compatibility.



AMS, NIS, CONTROL polymer blend and formulation aids ... 100%.



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