CONTROL is a high quality, unique, concentrated polymer blend. Extensive research and commercial experience shows it enhances the performance of all pesticide types by improving deposition and mitigating drift. CONTROL increases droplet size, lowers the rate of evaporation and reduces spray droplet bounce off the target plant, thus increasing retention of pesticide on the plant. CONTROL is compatible with most pesticides.



• LOWERS potential off-target drift by reducing the number of small droplets

• INCREASES DEPOSITION and canopy penetration by increasing droplet size and plant retention

• SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCES evaporation, allowing longer time for pesticide uptake

• MULTIPLE SCIENTIFIC studies and field trials show twofold improvement in deposition and retention compared to applications not using CONTROL, translating to better performance and increased yield

• MIXES EASILY in water and nitrogen solutions


• IMPROVES rainfastness, according to some users


• COMPATIBLE with Roundup WeatherMAX®, OriginalMAX® and PowerMAX® when used with GarrCo’s ASSIST compatibility adjuvant or 8.5 to 17lb/100 gal of ammonium sulfate (AMS)



Always read and follow the pesticide manufacturer label directions for use and recommendation for proper sprayer setup.




“CONTROL is the best thing out there. Nothing else I’ve used works. It greatly reduces the fines and minimizes the chance of costly drift damages. This works. You can physically see it.

Don Folden, Folden Aviation


“One of my customers came by and said, ‘Where you stop spraying, it was a straight line.’ Hands down, I’ve never seen that before.”

Perry Lowry, Lowry’s Flying Service


“Using CP flat fans and 4 ounces of CONTROL, I can ‘paint a line’ with glyphosate. I don’t spray any herbicide without CONTROL.”

Cary Rucker, Rucker Flying Service


“We use CONTROL on every crop we spray. Before, we used to get a lot more chemical on the windshield of the airplane, but that has greatly decreased since we started using CONTROL.”

John Rogers, Farm Brothers Flying Service


“CONTROL is great. First, it is inexpensive. Second, it works. And third, it is easy to carry around. In the helicopter business, that is especially important as space is worth a lot to you.”

Rick Green, Ritel Copter


“Every load that I have goes out with CONTROL in it. It’s like insurance, where you have confidence that the spray is going to land where it should. Even when applying fertilizer, CONTROL prevents the fertilizer from hanging in the air. My windshield stays clean too.”

Ryan Lihs, Redline Aviation


“I’ve been using CONTROL since John’s first trip through Arkansas. He was at a fly-in and we tested it there and decided we liked it, then did some testing on our own and were happy with it. It’s not only because of drift control, but also because of the improved deposition. We had an experience one summer that it was so hot that after lunch, operations had to shut down. Consultants were advising everyone not to load anything past lunch. However long it took to put that load out after 12 o’clock, after that, you were done. Everything was evaporating because it was so hot, but our stuff wasn’t drying up. The only thing we were doing differently was adding 1 to 2 ounces of CONTROL per 100 gallon. Another operator verified he was seeing the same results, and as a result, one of the extension agents and chief consultants let us fly longer. And one of our biggest cotton customers said, ‘Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it’; it was getting down into the plant and we seemed to get the kill on the worms.”

   -- Dennie Stokes, Stokes Flying Service



GarrCo participates regularly in independent, third-party research, as well as grower and applicator individual field studies. Click here for a few examples of CONTROL research.


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