Turn your crop residue and stubble into an asset on your farm with GarrCo DIGEST, the finest biological stubble digestion and residue management technology on the market today. DIGEST contains extremely high counts of 29 different strains of naturally occurring, beneficial microorganisms that significantly speed up the biological breakdown of cellulose and lignin. DIGEST is a ‘‘dual’’ source of bacteria. The majority of the bacteria are designed for the digestion and subsequent breakdown of dead plant material. The balance are nitrogen (N)-fixing bacteria that produce N as a food source for the bacteria that “digest” the residue. The diverse bacteria system etches out the surface of the stalk and stubble residues but still allows some surface fodder to remain to reduce erosion. Nutrients that are tied up in the plant are now allowed to release from the stubble and are then available for the next crop.


Undigested stubble and residues tie up your investment dollars. Recycle their nutritional value into a valuable resource for the next crop.


Recycled Nutrition = Increased Profits



• Faster nutrient release from the residue

• Increased organic matter

• Improved water retention and micronutrient ability

• Decreased tire damage from tough stubble

• Decreased surface seed germination; less volunteer com



Apply DIGEST stubble digester at 16 ounces per acre on a wide range of crop stubble and residues.


Adding liquid nitrogen to the application will initially supply the DIGEST microbes with nutrition to increase rate of stubble breakdown. Then the N-fixing bacteria in DIGEST supply extra N to enhance bacteria activity and further speed up the process. This is a unique benefit of the DIGEST formula.



Q: Will the product consume all of the residue by spring?


A: No, DIGEST is designed to etch the residue surface layer and allow in air, water and microbes to significantly enhance the breakdown process.


Q: Are the microbes genetically modified or engineered?


A: No, all of these microbes are naturally occurring, not genetically modified or pathogenic. This microbial mixture has been naturally selected to enhance residue digestion.


Q: What temperatures are best for the product?


A: DIGEST works most efficiently at temperatures over 40 degrees F, but will continue to work through the winter months at a slower rate. Generally, DIGEST is compatible with most fall chemical application programs, although it is recommended to mix with other products just prior to application or “just in time”.


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