IMPROVE is a highly concentrated, premium, nonionic surfactant (NIS) blend that has proven to be a top performer in many years of research and field trials when used at rates of 1-4 pts/100 gal. IMPROVE has excellent physical and chemical properties that allow for maximum uptake by solubilizing the wax and keeping the spray deposit moist longer. IMPROVE also contains an effective silicone defoamer.



• ENHANCES pesticide performance by improving penetration through the cuticle so more active ingredient gets inside the plant where it is needed (see picture below)

• CONCENTRATED and very cost-effective

• PROVIDES maximum solubilization of the waxy leaf surface. Also, IMPROVE allows for superior rewetting after droplet dry-down. These characteristics allow for better pesticide uptake and performance

• DOES NOT contain isopropyl alcohol or fatty acids as “active” ingredients

• INCLUDES an effective, silicone-based defoaming system that keeps most spray solution foam-free


Always follow the label directions of the pesticide to determine correct rate of nonionic surfactant (NIS), and proper mixing order. Pesticide labels commonly require the use of a NIS at 1-4 pts/100 gal (0.125 to 0.5 percent v/v). The higher rates may provide added benefit on tough weeds in adverse environmental conditions. Do not use more than the pesticide label allows. Insecticides and fungicides require rates of 2-32 oz/100 gal (0.015 to 0.25 percent v/v).



“We were encouraged by John to try IMPROVE a few years ago and fist used it on a field of Poison Hemlock. We had sprayed this field once and got a disappointing kill. Using John’s suggestions, we added IMPROVE to the mix, instead of adding more chemical, and resprayed. The results were excellent. We have been using this product regularly since on hard-to-kill weeds and in tough spraying conditions. GarrCo products are good, reliable products that perform as they were promised to us. They are competitively priced and have been very consistent in their quality. We have never been disappointed or had any performance issues.

Bob & Brenda Short, B&B Ag-Vantanges, Inc.


“Anytime the chemical calls for a surfactant, I use IMPROVE.”

 Brad Fitchett, Wayne’s Ag Aviation


“IMPROVE is a solid, if not the best, nonionic product we’ve used. We’ve had competitor products, and IMPROVE is a better product. We’ve been using GarrCo Products for a number of years. There are many competitors in our region, and I could use the same products they do, but why should I? I choose to differentiate myself with the best products. GarrCo Products work very well. It’s the consistency and the quality of the product. It’s the best value you can get.”

Victor Hupfer, Freeland Bean and Grain


“We have been using IMPROVE since 1997 and it works great. We add IMPROVE to Roundup for better control of lambsquarter and as a result get total kill.”

Doug Miller, S&D Application

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