PREVENT is a premium, high-performance, concentrated, silicone antifoam/defoamer designed to provide efficient and economical control of foam in the spray tank. PREVENT contains both an antifoam to prevent foam formation and a defoamer to collapse existing foam.


As with all antifoams/defoamers, the most efficient way to use PREVENT is to add to the spray tank before the foam forms. Low rates are very effective at preventing foam. Even a rate as low as 1/8 oz/100 gal works well when added to the spray solution before the chemicals. Higher rates may be needed with stronger concentrations of products that cause foam. After foam formation, a spray mist of PREVENT or a dilution of PREVENT with water will collapse the foam.



  • POWERFUL antifoamer and defoamer
  • LOW USE RATE starting as low as 1/8 oz/100 gal and ranging higher for stronger foaming mixtures
  • MOST EFFECTVE when added to the spray mixture before foam formation



With a lot of products, you'll get a lot of foaming. If you get PREVENT in the water prior to getting the products in, it'll kill the foam. PREVENT is about the best defoamer we've ever used. If you get it in the water prior to adding your product, it'll function as an antifoam, which we've found is the best use.

Dennie Stokes, Stokes Flying Service


People dump in the whole bottle of the competitor's and it doesn't do anything. It's 99 percent foam; you can't get anything else in the tank. A little PREVENT will go a long way.

Lathan Busby, E&M Flying Service


Farmers have asked me what I use, and I tell them CONTROL and PREVENT.

Brenda Watts, K&P Flying Service


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