Diverse Microbial System

Stimulate crop growth with STIMULATETM and its 29 strains of beneficial microorganisms that are present in extremely high counts - trillions per gallons.

STIMULATE is a highly concentrated natural blend of aerobic (oxygen loving) and faculative (can adapt in low or no oxygen conditions) beneficial bacteria

and fungi. These naturally occurring microorganisms are not genetically modified or pathogenic. STIMULATE contains a wide range of microbes. Some convert

inorganic sources of plant nutrients to available forms and others non-symbiotically fix atmospheric nitrogen. STIMULATE also contains plant hormone

growth stimulating microbes and microbes that form amino acids and proteins to feed plant shoots and roots. The benefits derived from STIMULATE are

diverse, but the primary goals are to improve plant health, stimulate growth, increase fertilizer efficiency and enhance soil conditions (tilth). This best-in-class

product is one of the newest and most concentrated technologies on the market today.



Apply STIMULATE in-furrow or 2x2 at 16 ounces per acre or broadcast at 16-32 ounces per acre. STIMULATE can be applied with fertilizers and most

agricultural products and should be mixed (as with most live microbial products) just before application. STIMULATE can be used on all crops and vegetables.


• Increased yields with 29 strains of beneficial microbes representing bacterial and fungal species

• Improved nutrient release and uptake

• Improved stability of soil nutrients

• Improved root mass and depth, stronger stalks and stems, and improved leaf area



Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How does STIMULATE help increase plant nutrient availability?

A: STIMULATE contains microbes that make compounds called enzymes that attack “tied up’’ forms of nutrients in the soil. This is true for either

applied or native nutrients sources.

Q: Are these microbes genetically modified or engineered?

A: No, these microbes are all naturally occurring, not genetically modified or pathogenic. The microbes were selected for their capabilities to

enhance biological nutrient release and plant growth stimulation.

Q: Can the product be used in conjunction with fertilizer and chemicals?

A: Yes, STIMULATE can be used in conjunction with fertilizer and pesticides. Although some fungicides may be tough on the fungal components,

they can still be mixed right before application.

Q: Can the product be used in all tillage systems?

A: Yes, all soils need help. STIMULATE will act as an early to mid-season



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